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Featured Client – Overhead Door Company of Calgary, Lethbridge & Cranbrook

Overhead Door Company of Calgary, Lethbridge & Cranbrook of Canada is Market Hardware’s featured client for March!

With three locations in Alberta and Southern BC, Overhead Door Company of Calgary, Lethbridge & Cranbrook is the area’s go-to provider for just about everything garage door related. They provide residential, commercial and industrial customers with top-of-the-line products, professional and reliable service, and 100% customer satisfaction – and have been for over 40 years! During that time, they’ve worked to build a team of experts whose main focus is to help you make the most informed and knowledgeable choices for your home or business.

Here at Market Hardware, we’ve enjoyed working with Don, the company Principal, and are looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with the rest of the Overhead Door Company of Calgary, Lethbridge & Cranbrook team. For more information on their company, products, or services, check out their website here:!

Featured Client – Bug Out Service of West Florida

With February quickly coming to an end, we wanted to take a couple minutes to name Bug Out Service of West Florida as Market Hardware’s featured client of the month!

Bug Out is a locally and family owned and operated company dedicated to ridding the West Florida and Southern Alabama regions of unwanted pests. With over 150 years of combined pest management experience, the Bug Out team is knowledgeable on all facets of residential and commercial pest and termite control, including ongoing maintenance plans and eco-friendly pest management programs. No matter the pest that’s bugging you, you can trust Bug Out to identify the source of the issue and figure out a solution.

We’re excited to see what’s next for Bug Out Service of West Florida! If you’re interested in learning more about Bug Out, check out their website at!

Featured Client – Mead Tree & Turf Care, Inc.

We’re excited to announce that our first featured client of 2017 is Mead Tree & Turf Care, Inc.!

As members of multiple industry associations and organizations – TCIA, NALP, and MNLGA to name a few – Mead Tree & Turf Care is proud to be Maryland’s first nationally accredited tree care company.

But Mead Tree & Turf Care isn’t just your average tree care company. In addition to a wide range of tree care services, they provide landscaping services and property maintenance, as well as plant health care programs for residential and commercial client throughout the Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia areas. The Mead Tree & Turf Care team is not only committed to recycling 100% of their waste, but they strive to always provide excellent service, which is encouraged by the numerous training courses offered to all employees to ensure that they are fully equipped to take on the job at hand.

Market Hardware is looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Mead Tree & Turf Care team, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2017. For more information on Mead Tree & Turf Care, check out their website at!

Featured Client – Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions

It’s hard to believe its December already, but we wanted to take a few minutes to announce our last featured client for 2016: Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions!

With a wide service area throughout West Virginia, the experts at Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions know what it takes to keep residential and commercial customers comfortable year round. They emphasize their constant focus on honesty, integrity, customer service, and up-to-date product knowledge, which has allowed them to become very well-versed in all aspects of heating, cooling, air filtration, and ductwork – just to name a few!

In addition to their affiliation with Airtime 500, West Virginia and North American Home Builders Associations, and the Better Business Bureau, the Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions team takes pride in supporting local organizations while holding their title as the area’s Dr. Energy Saver dealer.

The Market Hardware team is very excited to close out the year as Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions’ partner, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for their team in 2017! For more information on Dodrill Comfort & Energy Solutions, check out their website at

Featured Client – Mid-Florida Heating & Air

We’re very excited to name Mid-Florida Heating & Air as Market Hardware’s featured client for October!

Since opening in 1983, the Mid-Florida Heating & Air team has worked to become an industry leader in all things HVAC. Mid-Florida Heating & Air has grown to operate out of 3 locations in Gainesville, Ocala, and Lady Lake, which has helped them gain quite a reputation for their ability to provide residential and commercial customers across central Florida with the highest levels of service, quality, and value for their needs.

Not only is Mid-Florida Heating & Air certified, accredited, and a member of countless associations, but they go the extra mile by donating to local charities and organizations, all while continuously supporting student athletes throughout their community. They even have a mascot, Lucky, who attends local special events as their “ambassador of heating and air.”

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with owner, Kevin, and the rest of the Mid-Florida Heating & Air team. To learn more about Mid-Florida Heating & Air, check out their website at!

3 Reasons Why Blogging is Important to Your Web Marketing

How an online blog can take your Web Marketing strategy to new heights

Image is everything on the Internet. And integrating a blog into your Website is a great way to improve the online image of your business. In fact, most landscaping businesses with successful Web Marketing plans incorporate a blog into their strategy. Here are the three reasons why you should consider doing the same:

  1. Blogs position you as a credible industry expert
  2. Blogs drive traffic to your Website
  3. Blogs help strengthen your relationships with your customers

Let’s jump in…

Since you’re reading this, I’ll assume that you are a true professional in your industry – someone that your friends and family members will often come to when they have questions about landscaping and need your advice. Which begs the question: If those people close to you consider you to be an expert in the field, why are you not showcasing that expertise to potential customers through a blog?

When a potential customer visits your Website, they’re subconsciously hoping to be convinced you’re credible enough to provide the services they are seeking out. They want an “A-ha!” moment of having found a true pro. They’ll be looking for a few things, such as photos of your work, confirmation that you provide the services they’re looking for, and of course, some sort of reassurance that calling you would not be a big mistake. One of the best ways to solve for that is by placing a blog on your Website so that potential customers know you’re an expert in your field.

When users see a blog on a Website (NALP member Mowing and More offers an excellent example), they instantly know they’ve found a credible business, capable of providing quality landscaping services and advice. This can go a long way toward making that user confident enough to call your business.

Additionally, many NALP members are confronting the challenge of market newcomers undercutting the prices of more established businesses. Oftentimes, these newcomers don’t bring the years of experience or level of expertise that more established businesses possess. A blog is an excellent way to distinguish your business from those newcomers who will often have a more basic Website – of course, while on this topic, don’t forget to link out to your professional affiliations like NALP.

Can a blog really drive traffic to your Website?

It can, and it will – in more ways than one. Most landscaping companies are already utilizing an SEO strategy by now, and blogging is an excellent tool for giving your search rankings an extra boost. One of the chief ranking factors among the different search engines relates to how often the content on your Website gets updated. Businesses that update their sites frequently will rank higher than businesses whose websites stay static for months at a time. Blogging is an excellent way to get new content on your site on a consistent basis. Doing so will give a boost to your search rankings across the board, and help get more traffic to your site.

According to HubSpot, companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

Secondly, if you write a blog post that is popular enough to generate some inbound links to your Website, you’ll be giving yourself an additional boost in search rankings, and you’ll also have a chance to get your blog picked up for certain searches. Consider writing a blog post about DIY landscaping tips in your local area and track whether it starts to show up in search results. If so, you’ll have a new stream of site visitors just via that one single blog.

Finally, let’s build up some relationships

This is an important AND underrated part of blogging. As a landscaping business, you’re always facing the risk of your existing customers wondering what your competitors have to offer. Even if you’re consistently delivering a high level of service, everyone is prone to wondering whether the ‘grass is greener on the other side.’ Here’s how blogging can help you lessen that risk.

An onsite blog provides an opportunity to showcase not only your expertise, but also your employees. Your customers will feel more comfortable working with you when they feel like they have a connection to you and your employees. The more you can build up that loyal business-customer relationship, the less likely your customers will be to consider working with one of your competitors. By building up your relationships with your existing customers, you can help ensure that they’ll come back to you time and time again.

And one last word on blogging: Free. Writing content that’s relevant to existing and potential customers won’t cost you a dime. All it takes is a little bit of time every month or two to write about a topic that they’ll find interesting. This article mentioned DIY landscaping tips, but a quick search online will net you dozens of ideas. Even if you only post to your blog every few months, it can go a long way, for the reasons mentioned already. Talk to your Web provider about adding a blog to your Website so that you can start reaping big rewards.

Alain Parcan is the Director of Marketing for Market Hardware, Inc. and contributed this article. Market Hardware helps small businesses compete on the Web and offers special discounts for professional association members. Ask Alain any Website or Internet Marketing question by emailing or calling 888-381-6925.

Featured Client – Garage Headquarters

It’s been a busy month here at Market Hardware, but we wanted to take a few minutes to announce Garage Headquarters as our featured client for August!

Founded in 1973, Garage Headquarters is a second generation family-owned and operated business that provides residential and commercial garage door services to customers in the Southeastern New England area. After nearly 50 years in business, Garage Headquarters has grown to operate out of three locations across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. By contacting the Garage Headquarters team, you’re opening the door to numerous perks, including same day service, a best door price guarantee, and the most professional technicians around – just to name a few!

As members of numerous prestigious associations, including International Door Association (IDA) and Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), you can trust that the Garage Headquarters team will continue to strive for excellence in everything they do.

Market Hardware is excited to continue to work with owner, Scott, and the rest of the Garage Headquarters team. For more information, check out the Garage Headquarters website at!

Featured Client – ABC Doors

ABC Doors is Market Hardware’s featured client of the month!

ABC Doors has been a go-to for all residential, commercial, and industrial overhead garage door needs since 1971. Operating out of two locations in the Houston and Austin TX metro areas, the ABC Doors team is known for their experienced team of skilled technicians and their ability to provide all customers with fair and competitive pricing.

As a member of the International Door Association (IDA), customers can trust that ABC Doors will deliver excellence in both customer service and quality.

We’re very excited for the future of our partnership with the ABC Doors team! If you’re interested in learning more about ABC Doors and the services they offer, check out their website at!

Featured Client – Cinder Hills Kennels

Market Hardware’s featured client of the month is Cinder Hills Kennels!

Leaving your pet behind can be difficult for any pet parent, but the team at Cinder Hills Kennels provides the experience, credentials, and facilities to ease your worries.

In 1972, Cinder Hills Kennels opened as the first boarding facility in the Flagstaff AZ area. Since taking over in 2001, owners Al and Valorie Bowman have worked to leave their mark on the pet care industry. Over the years, Al has served on the board for many prestigious pet care associations, including IBPSA and PACCC. That being said, it’s no surprise that he and Valorie take great pride in their highly-trained and certified staff, which includes two generation of their family members.

In addition to the experienced leadership and team members at Cinder Hills Kennels, the facility itself is another major selling point! With the largest outdoor yard in Northern Arizona, Cinder Hills Kennels offers more than your standard dog and cat boarding and day camp. During a stay at Cinder Hills Kennels, your pet will enjoy top-notch accommodations, with the options for additional activities like group playtimes or a hike through the Coconino National Forest. And did we mention they offer pet pick up or drop off in a stretch limousine?

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Al, Valorie, and the rest of the Cinder Hills Kennels team. For more information on their services, check out the Cinder Hills Kennels website at!

Featured Client – Eastern Garage Door, Inc.

The Market Hardware team is very excited to name Eastern Garage Door, Inc. as our featured client of the month!

Known for their dependability, quality of service, and product excellence, the Eastern Garage Door team has been serving the greater Merrimack Valley region of MA and NH since 1930. Over the years, they’ve worked to earn much more than just a great reputation. Not only are they active members of the IDA (International Door Association) with numerous other professional affiliations, but they are one of only six dealers to be accredited by the IDEA (Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation) in the entire state of Massachusetts – and the only one within their service area!

While at the IDA conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, a few of our Market Hardware team members had the pleasure of meeting with Dave, the owner and president of Eastern Garage Door. We look forward to continuing our work with Dave and the Eastern Garage Door team in the future. For more information on Eastern Garage Door, check out their website at!