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Featured Client – Guin Services

This month, Guin Service LLC is November’s featured client!

Guin Service LLC began in 1958 as a small group of mechanics that complimented a larger contracting company.  Over the years, this big-brother company grew larger and eventually discontinued its mechanical division. This allowed the Guin Company’s service department to thrive.

In the mid-1990s, Guin Service became an independent company.  Experts in their field, Guin Service provides their clients with all of their plumbing, HVAC, generator or air quality assurance needs. Through the loyalty of their customers, unparalleled expertise and customer service, Guin Service LLC continues to bring outstanding service to Birmingham Alabama and its surrounding areas.

Market Hardware is excited to see what’s next for the Guin Service LLC team. Learn more about Guin Service LLC, and the resources and services they provide, at! and discontinued the mechanical division coincidentally allowing the service division of Guin Company to break off and thrive.

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