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What Our Clients Say About Our Website Services

What our clients are saying.

We needed the combination of a great web company, someone who knows our industry, and someone who really wants to learn all about our business. Market Hardware got it right!”

Doug Monsein | DCG Homes | Potomac, MD

Website Marketing Questionnaire

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Part I - Where is your business in the Web Marketing Life Cycle?

If you have a website, what "generation" is it, meaning how many times have you rebuilt it?

If you do not have a website, is it because:

What is your annual marketing budget, including website hosting, search engine marketing, yellow pages, direct mail, newspapers, radio, TV, business cards, Vehicle signage, etc?

What percentage of your new customer business (not from referrals/word-of-mouth) did you get from your website last year?

Part II - How much should you invest in Website Marketing?

How long has your current business been operating?

How much revenue from that business did you book over the last 12 months?

How much revenue growth do you want from your business in the next 12 months – please be realistic!

How many people live in your service area?

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