3 Quick-Fix Tips to Improve Your Website Today

July 29, 2020

The age of self-quarantine has gifted us all with extra time to take part in hobbies or cross items off our to-do lists. If you’ve already made banana bread or planted tomatoes, we suggest you shift your focus to your company’s Website. As technology grows each day and design trends fluctuate, the opportunity to improve your Website is always available!

This is why we wanted to highlight a few ways to improve your Website and keep things fresh for today’s audience.

Trim the Fat from Your Homepage
With bounce rates in mind (that’s the percentage of visitors that bounce/leave your site after viewing one page), companies are often guilty of overloading their homepages with their mission, services, and specials. Long paragraphs of essay-style text can overwhelm Website visitors, prompting them to visit another site. Keep in mind the average attention span of someone online. Does a 15-second glance of your homepage clearly indicate what your company does and what separates you from your competitors? If not, take a pass at your content and try to refine your message.

Highlight the Next Step
You can certainly dazzle your site’s visitors with photos of your work, details of your offerings, and lots of good reviews’ But this won’t mean much if they aren’t aware of the next step to working with you! Do you do business over the phone? Is there an online booking system that you’d like them to see? Should they request an estimate? Ask yourself these questions and update your site accordingly. Businesses that do most of their business over the phone should have a ‘Call Now’ button on most of their pages and their phone number in the header (on all pages). Callouts, or Calls to Action, eliminate uncertainty for your prospects and help to guide them to becoming a paying customer.

Keep Things Updated
Keeping your content fresh and updated ‘ even in small ways ‘ can be an excellent strategy for your site’s appeal to prospects AND Google. This can be adding new testimonials to your Reviews page, updating content across the site seasonally, or just rewording things every now and then. No matter how small the change, this lets Google know that your site is up-to-date and representative of your business today. When Google serves searchers their results, they want to show off the most relevant results possible. Refreshing content (it can be as simple as switching ‘Call us today!’ to ‘Give us a call!’) lets your audience and Google know that you mean business!

While it’s easy to think that the world has stopped turning, people are still searching for services that they need. Take some time today to look at your business Website and identify areas for growth. When you take your Website seriously, search engines and prospects do the same!

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