3 Ways to Track Your Social Media Marketing Activities

September 15, 2018

So, you’re posting on Social Media and making a concerted effort to maintain the quality and quantity of your content. But, are you tracking your marketing efforts after the posts launch? Do you know how to analyze metrics to help you improve your efforts? Tracking your social activity will help your brand communicate more effectively and provide content that resonates with your audience. Here are a few ways to track your metrics and improve your Social Media Marketing:

  1. Figure out the best times to post. Use tools such as SumAll to track metrics like what time of day your posts get the most engagement and which types of content work best for your audience.
  2. Identify industry influencers. It’s important to identify with influencers in your field and talk about what they’re talking about. Then, try connecting with those people by retweeting them and commenting on their posts.
  3. Research your competition. You want to know where your competitors excel and where they’re falling short on social. For example, if your competitors aren’t on Twitter, it might be worth a look to see why. So, it will be beneficial to know where your competitors have a social presence and where they get the most interaction.

Measuring and tracking your analytics may seem like a time-consuming task. But, it can add more value to your brand on Social Media than you think. Separate some time once a month to go through and measure some of these analytics to gain meaningful information to improve your social strategy.

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