5 Reasons Your Website Is Underperforming

February 27, 2020

Websites become stale over time. It’s the nature of all things in the tech world. An outdated Website can lead to a reduction in new client flow. If you feel your Website isn’t generating enough new client calls, any of the following reasons may be to blame:

Poor User Experience

Anything that makes it difficult to read a Website can push people away. Crowded pages, broken links, unclear navigation, buried content and slow load times all contribute to poor user experience.

Unclear Calls-to-Action
Some common calls-to-action include, “Make an Appointment,” or “Contact Me Today.” These are critical conversion paths and should be spread throughout your Website. Make sure your calls-to-action use language geared towards your viewers, and that each one leads them further along the buying process.

Not Mobile-Friendly                                                             
Investing in a mobile-friendly Website is a must these days. As much as 66% of your site traffic is generated from mobile devices. Make sure you’re satisfying those visitors.

Cannot Be Found
Optimizing your Web pages for search engines is one of the best ways to assure that visitors can find your Website. Make sure to build keywords and meta descriptions into your pages.

Outdated Content
If you’re not updating your content on a regular basis, your Website will fall behind. The best way to keep your users – and search engines – happy is by adding new offerings, videos, blog posts and photos; anything to keep your users coming back and hopefully keep you at the top of Google’s search results.

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