5 Web Marketing Strategies to Reduce Coronavirus Disruption to Your Business

April 3, 2020

In uncertain times like these, many business owners will desperately attempt to prioritize the best ways to keep their operations going and their staff busy.  Chances are, some contractors will make knee-jerk reactions – and who could blame them? 

However, that reaction to your Web Marketing will create more challenges down the road for your business. 

Remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  And while it may be hard to believe right now, we will recover, and your customers will still need your help even if it doesn’t feel that way today.  Every business owner should ask themselves, ‘What can I do to help my business today to prepare for the next 6-12 months?’

Here are our top business tips for the coming months:

  1. Stay Positive.  Our number one tip.  While this will definitely be one of the most challenging items on this list, it’s likely the most important.  When your customers are relying on you to fulfill their needs during this time, your team should exude confidence and positivity.  Things may not be business as usual, but if you do your best to meet customers’ needs with a calm attitude and a smile, they will be more inclined to rely on you in the future.
  2. Communicate with your clients and prospects.  Are you open for business? Are you posting clear and concise messaging in the different places people can find you? Make sure you’re sharing this messaging with audiences on all platforms, including your Website, Google My Business page, Facebook and more.
  3. Focus on Safety.  Homeowners want to know about the precautions you are taking for their safety and your staff’s safety as well.  Give them the proper reassurances that you are expanding your approach to safety.
  4. Maintain your Marketing.  Historically, businesses that “stay the course” during down times tend to outperform businesses that make sweeping cuts during recessions.  A Harvard Business Review study of 4,700 companies confirmed this theory.  You may have to trade in short-term profits for long-term gains.
  5. Focus on Reviews.  People will be looking you up online more now than ever before.  You cannot ignore your review strategy, as those are the first things new customers will see online.  Note that some Google reviews may be delayed right now, but you should still push to get them.  They’ll get published as Google My Business returns to normal.

Eventually, this chaotic time will start to fade back into normalcy.  Once the economy starts to bounce back, you don’t want to be scrambling to reach whatever milestones you can for 2020.  By making the right decisions now, you won’t require the same ramp-up period as some of your competitors.

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