A Quick Guide to Popular Search Engines ‘ And Which You Should Target

May 18, 2021

Building a steady stream of traffic to your Website is essential to any Web Marketing Strategy. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this objective, but none as prominent as Search Engine Optimization.

Now you may wonder: what search engines should your campaign be going after? Great question…

There are multiple options ‘ each with a different level of popularity and engagement. In this blog, we break down the most common search engines used and identify which is the most important for your bottom line.


If you ask the average person to name a search engine, there’s a good chance they’ll answer with Google. According to GlobalStats, Google is the leading search engine taking up 88% of the nationwide market share for online inquiries. Due to Google Maps, Google Reviews, and Google My Business listings, this search engine essentially is a one-stop shop for those trying to find local businesses online.


While Bing is not as popular of a search engine as Google, it’s still a significant source of traffic for numerous businesses. Bing is the search power for Alexa and Cortana ‘ two of the most common voice search engines. This search engine bears some similarities to Google and even Apple Maps when pulling in location-based data, as well as online reviews. Many Microsoft devices use Bing as its default engine, making it the 2nd most popular search engine in the USA.


Some believe Yahoo! to be so similar to Bing that if you optimize for one ‘ you’re optimizing for the other. This is actually true. Yahoo!’s search function has been powered by Bing since 2011. The good news for search marketers is that they can essentially hit two birds with one stone when targeting these engines.


The latest in search engines comes in the form of DuckDuckGo. This privacy-based engine has found popularity among folks who are wary of data tracking. USA Today reported in January that the service’s daily searches increased by 62% in 2020. Despite its rise in popularity, DuckDuckGo is still in 4th place (behind the above) when it comes to search market share. However, they certainly capture the attention of search marketers as online privacy continues to be a hot-button issue.

So what Search Engine Should Your Company Go After?

If the name of the game is maximizing your Website’s visitors, it’s clear to say Google is your target search engine. Google currently is the most worthwhile investment if you really want to drum up business from online inquiries.

The downside of Google’s popularity is the high level of competition present. If you aren’t an experienced Web Marketer, you may find it challenging to obtain page one or two placement for your company’s services.

Opting for easier entrance into the online search market makes Yahoo! and Bing favorable options for novice marketers.

Showing up on search engines can feel like too much of an indirect way to drive leads for some… But ask any company that runs successful Web Marketing campaigns, and they’ll tell you: it pays to show up online. Give Market Hardware a call today to find out more about our expertise with Google!

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