A Real Life Success Story

August 28, 2014

I started my company, InsideOut Improvements, LLC, in 2012, and we provide services for landscaping and tree care. About a year or so later, I ended up changing my company name to Palm Beach Tree & Landscape to better convey the services that we provide. With that name chance came many challenges with my online rankings.

At first, I was posting flyers around my area, and was operating simply through word of mouth. I was operating well for a new small business, but I had to take a part-time job in the process to make ends meet. In an attempt to make the phone ring, I was convinced into doing some online marketing with the local phone book. After cutting the first check, I was waiting for the phone to ring- they never did.

That’s when I decided to take my business online. I had a website built (www.palmbeachtreeandlandscape.com), created social media pages, a blog and did everything I saw my competitors doing. Still, as a new business, no one could find me in searches on Google- even if they tried!

Luckily I found Market Hardware! I’ve been working with them on my SEO campaign for about 8 months, and business has been GREAT! The phone is ringing constantly and business has never been better. Not only do they provide great results but they are always communicating with me so that we can gain the best possible return for my money.

Now that I look back on my experience I realize that I’m a business man, not a marketing guy, and I sure am glad that I found Market Hardware.

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