Answer These Questions to Guide Your Company’s 2021 Web Marketing Strategy

December 1, 2020

As we all hunker down this winter to keep safe (and warm!), it’s important to look forward and figure out your 2021 marketing strategy. Pandemic aside, more and more customers are flocking to the Web to find the services they need. If you haven’t already, ask yourself about what you have done to show up online where it benefits your business.

Whether you’re stuck indoors or it happens to be your company’s slow season, take a look at the following questions to find areas for growth in your marketing plan.

Is my company’s information up-to-date on Google?

When customers look for a service, they’ll likely turn to Google. After all, the term ‘Google’ is synonymous with ‘looking something up online.’ Whether they search for services and look at the maps results or type in your company name, many potential customers will end up seeing your Google My Business listing.

By 2021, you should 100% be in charge of your GMB listing. This is the only way to ensure that the correct phone number, address, Website URL & more are all correct. Fail to do this, and you risk calls being directed somewhere else ‘ leaving prospects confused, discouraged, or possibly in the hands of another company. During the pandemic, GMB will also periodically ask if your company is still open, if you have any safety measures in place, and if you have specific updates you’d like to share. Posting that you’re still open, that you offer contactless services, etc., can go a long way for customers ‘ so be sure to sort your GMB management by 2021!

Does my Website look like it’s from 2021? Or 2020?

Potential customers use everything they can find online to decide whether they can trust you. Your Website is undoubtedly the most significant tie-breaker for a client that is on the fence.

Beyond looking modern and professional, sites that have been built within the last 4 years are constructed to load faster while making it easier for search engines to figure out what the site is offering. Newer Websites are also responsive, meaning phone and tablet users will be able to navigate your site just as well as desktop users. In 2021, don’t expect a user to wait for more than a couple of seconds on a slow site to load or attempt to navigate a desktop-size site on their iPhones.

Am I keeping up with my competition?

You may not think your company needs additional online marketing, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click, or Display Ads; however, you will gain valuable insight by stepping into the role of a potential customer and experiencing what they see during their online searches.

Start by searching for your services online along with the names of cities you serve. Do your competitors show up before you in the search results? SEO will help you rank higher. Are your competitors bidding on the sponsored results on the top of the search results? PPC can get you there as well. When you visit other sites, do you see advertisements for your competitors? A Display Ad campaign can help you compete.

Your company’s marketing needs will vary based on the size of your operation, the area you service, and your industry. Keeping your competitors in mind can be a good motivator to stay on top of your marketing strategies, so that your business is taking a piece of the online pie, too.


After the way this year has been going, many are looking at 2021 as a chance to bounce back and thrive. Your company should be no different! Take some time now, if you haven’t already, to assess your Web Marketing presence and identify areas for improvement. Market Hardware is happy to offer Web Marketing consultations ‘ give us a call to learn more!

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