Cleaning Up Keywords to Boost Results

July 28, 2018

Getting your Website to rank high among competitors in your area is no easy task. Search Engine Optimization can be an instrumental tool to achieve a competitive advantage but only if it is done correctly. Picking and choosing the right keywords for your campaign goes beyond just choosing the simplest terms. Cleaning up the way you implement your search terms is a good start.

Avoid Being Too Broad

Many companies will tailor their SEO strategies around keywords that receive high search volumes. While this may seem to be the logical decision, this technique comes with high levels of competition. Being too broad with your keywords will never help stand out against well-known brands that rank well for those keywords.

Focusing on more specific terms that cater to your target audience will show great results. Specific keywords make content more personalized and help tap into what people in your market are really searching for. Specific search terms might generate lower search volume but will result in higher quality leads.

Use Singular Keywords

When deciding on the keywords for your campaign, you have a choice between singular and plural. The clear choice here is using the singular version of your keyword.

Why is singular the better choice? This comes back to thinking about how people perform searches. It has been proven that most search inputs are entered in the singular form. This is why it is best to target a single item or service rather than many.

This helps stay consistent among your keywords and on your Website. Doing some simple maintenance can clean this problem up in no time. Be conscious to make exceptions when the singular version of a word is not commonly used.

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