Designing Your Site Structure to Please Visitors AND Search Engines

December 7, 2018

Your end goal when structuring your Website should be to optimize user experience. Your site needs to be structured in a way that guides users through certain steps you want them to take. Whether it’s filling out a consultation form, learning more about your product or service, or signing up for a newsletter, you want them to be able to do so as easily as possible.

When you design your Website around user experience, you’re also improving your SEO. Google favors sites that users love, meaning sites that have tree-like structures broken down by topic. When your keywords show up in proper subpages, it makes it easier for Google to understand your site structure and therefore, list your Website as a search result for relevant keywords.

Organize your Website’s hierarchy by beginning with a single homepage that links to subpages. The head sections of your site should be broad and correspond with primary products or services. Within those subpages should be clear content that flows well and includes researched keywords. The best way to influence visitor behavior is by identifying their goals and expectations and subsequently organizing your site’s content areas around those goals and expectations.

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