Display Retargeting 101: What You Need to Know

July 31, 2019

Do you remember using the Internet 15-20 years ago? There were dial up modems, pages loading an inch at a time, and certainly no exchange of credit card information online. Nowadays, our mobile devices are able to recognize our faces!

When the playing ground has changed as much as it has, there’s no use in approaching the Web the same way you did years ago. This same logic should also apply to your company’s Web Marketing strategy…

If you’ve been keeping up with our monthly educational articles, you know how important a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website is to getting noticed online. You likely also know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you be found on Google. Both strategies are great for capturing potential clients who are searching for your services, but what can you do when these leads step away from Google and onto other sites on the Web?

Picture this: SEO gets users onto your Website, and your site tells them about your services and contact information’ what if that visitor just isn’t interested in making a purchase at that time? They didn’t necessarily write you off, but they did close out of your site and move on with their day. Maybe they checked the weather, news, sports scores or more. This is where Display Ad Retargeting comes in.

Here’s an example you might be familiar with. Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes or a new piece of equipment online ‘ maybe even just once, and noticed that ads about that product seem to follow you around the internet? That is the magic of Display Ad Retargeting!

There are two components of this strategy, both of which help to increase your leads and grow your business.

Site Retargeting, like the previous example, tracks Website visitors and tags them as ‘interested customers.’ This is good for price-shoppers who are more interested in information up front before they make a deal. While they might not be ready to take action at the time of their visit to your Website, ads for your business can follow them around the Web until they are — or stop appearing once that person is probably no longer interested. Display Ads will make it that much easier for leads to find you once they’ve made up their mind.

Search Retargeting tracks users that are searching for services that you offer but aren’t visiting your Website. This helps you get noticed by users who are searching for your services online. Whenever they decide to browse other sites on the Web, your ad will appear, letting them know that you provide a service that might be of interest to them.

Both of these tools together make for one unbeatable marketing strategy. The best part of Retargeting is that it’s actually providing small businesses with results. A study found that leads that are being retargeted are more likely to convert by 70%. In other words, there’s a 70% boost in the likelihood that a potential customer will hire you for service!

While most service companies are more familiar with the traditional Paid Search model, Retargeting remains a secret to many. It may seem like such a targeted service might be expensive, but these ads only cost about a penny per ad view. This style of marketing works best with a professional, as the actual implementation and maintenance of this strategy takes a considerable amount of time and expertise. When executed correctly, however, Display Ad Retargeting can help your company truly stand out amongst a crowd of Google results!

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