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August 1, 2011


At Market Hardware our mission is to help you be an educated and successful web marketer. That’s why we created the monthly Web Digest, quick, easy-to-scan news from the world of Internet Marketing. The Web Digest is written by an “Expert of the Month” staff member who has excelled at helping our clients Our Teamwin on the Web. The Web Digest complements our traditional monthly newsletter and is another example of how we’ve “got your back” when it comes to web marketing.

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Facebook Messenger wants to replace text messaging on smart phones

Last Tuesday Facebook released Facebook Messenger, a free service to use on iPhones and Android devices. With this new application Facebook hopes it has created a tool to kill standard cellphone text messaging, Blackberry Messenger, and Apple’s to-be-released iMessenger. Facebook Messenger allows you to send free messages between different Smartphones. You don’t need to use your Facebook account to use Facebook Messenger. But if you do use Facebook, your mobile messages are also accessible on your desktop. This will allow for stronger communication between you, your friends, and your customers. Download Facebook Messenger here: https://www.facebook.com/mobile/messenger.


Like it or not, Facebook is everywhere. You can’t escape it, you can’t ignore it. 150 million Americans use Facebook (source: facebook.com). 69% of consumers say they’re more likely to use a local business if they can find them on a social media site (souce: ComScore, 2011). You shouldn’t expect Facebook to generate a flood of new leads (that’s what Google does). But it is a powerful tool for promoting your word-of-mouth and turning referrals into sales. If getting started seems overwhelming, it’s not. Contact us, we can help. We’ll tell you more about how Facebook can benefit your business and answer any other questions you might have about web marketing. Just ask! (Topic provided by Rebecca Hussey.)

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Rebecca, Our Expert of The Month

August’s Web Expert of the Month is Rebecca Hussey. Rebecca is Team Lead for Account Management. She also spearheads our social media services. Rebecca started as a customer service rep in 2009. She’s quickly climbed the ladder with her attention to detail, capacity to tackle new projects, and overall passion for the clients she supports. Rebecca grew up in Massachusetts and went to college at the University of Delaware (go Fighting Blue Hens). As a part-time pro photographer, Rebecca also takes the awesome employee photos we use on our website and brochures (she even took this picture of herself’ no not really).

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Facebook has 750 million users worldwide, but only 250 million access Facebook on a mobile device. Usage on mobile devices should increase with Facebook Messenger (source: facebook.com).

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