How to Get More Traffic from Social Links

December 15, 2018

Research shows that posts with links get more traffic than posts with just text.  Do you ever find an interesting article that you end up emailing to all of your friends? Or maybe write articles of your own and post them to your blog? If this is the case, you should be posting these articles on all of your social sites as well.

Posting Links on Facebook:

Here are the three different ways to post links on Facebook:

  1. Text & Automatic Preview: Copy the link and paste it to your page. On Facebook, this will generate an automatic preview bringing more attention to your post. The preview typically includes an image pulled from the source’s Website, as well as the title and description of the article. If you think the preview doesn’t reflect the article you’re posting, you can either edit the preview information or just press the x in the right hand corner to remove the preview altogether.
  2. Link Only: If you delete the preview that is automatically set with your link, this will allow you to write your own headline with the URL.
  3. Photo with Link in Caption: Want to include one of your photos when you share your link? Just add the photo with the link in your picture’s caption!

Facebook recommends the Text & Automatic Preview option. This is the default setting on Facebook, so when you upload a link this is the way Facebook will have it ready for you.

Posting Links on Twitter:

Twitter doesn’t allow links to be more than 23 characters, so don’t be alarmed when the entire URL for the link doesn’t show up in your tweet. Your users will still be directed to the correct Website.


  1. Use #hashtags.
  2. Try to put the link _ of the way through your tweet, this way users have to read the entire tweet.
  3. Don’t just tweet the link – add a sentence or two in there as well.

If you’re looking for a way to shorten your link so there’s more room for text, try This is a great site that will shorten your link to just a few characters, saving space for your actual tweet content.


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