How to Increase Web Traffic Through Community Involvement

September 23, 2021

Community involvement is a great way to create relationships and a solid brand reputation in your neighborhood. As a healthcare clinic, your involvement in the community can increase your reach to potential patients and drive traffic to your website. Focusing on your involvement in community events can positively impact the way patients and potential patients view your practice.  

In this article, we will explain what community involvement is and how it benefits the community. It will also cover how it helps establish brand identity, especially for medical providers. We will provide easy-to-implement, direct examples to help increase web traffic. 

What is Community Involvement? 

Community involvement is when a business engages in activities or programs that help people in the local area. 

These efforts can include sponsoring a local event or festival. Your practice can donate uniform funds to a local sports team. You can volunteer to give a presentation on specific healthcare topics to parents in the area. You can also volunteer to help make a neighborhood garden or stock a food shelf.  

There are various ways to be involved, all of which can help you plant roots in the community and build a solid brand reputation. 

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How Can Community Involvement Help Increase Web Traffic? 

Community involvement projects can help your business build a brand identity. These efforts are important if you have a customer-facing business like a medical clinic. They allow you to connect to the local people and show that you support the neighborhood. 

As these local events are advertised, your business name may be shown as one of the sponsors. Your clinic may get a shoutout on social media from a local event you helped with. All of these connections allow potential patients to find you online and drive traffic to your website.  

It’s important to remember that your practice is part of a local neighborhood. The members of that community are the ones who will be visiting your practice and referring others. Making an effort to become involved can benefit everyone involved.  

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Using Community Involvement to Increase Web Traffic 

After you’ve chosen one or more community involvement projects, you need to find ways to use them to increase web traffic. Here are some simple ways to do this. 

Use Hashtags on Social Media 

People will see your efforts on the ground, but you can also use social media to highlight them. You can use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other sites to publish pictures, videos, or blog posts. 

You can go beyond your own accounts by introducing a hashtag related to your work. You then get other users to provide content about the project using the hashtag you created. 

Using hashtags can be a great way to reach your targeted audience by using words related to your business. Be sure there are clear links to reach your website from your social accounts. 

Communicate With Local Press 

Another way to show your involvement efforts is to pitch local media and get them to cover your projects. You can offer to give interviews and provide pictures and info they would need to write and publish a story. You can also offer ideas for an angle for a story. 

You can also reach out to local news organizations to let them know when you will be hosting a community event. This is a great way to spread the word to the local community.  

Remember that you want to increase web traffic in the local area. You will need to focus on sites, newspapers, and journalists who work in that area. 

Participate in Online Discussions About the Issues 

You can also enhance your profile with people who are involved in the same community projects as your clinic. You can actively contribute to other social media accounts related to these efforts. 

For example, you can collect donations for a local food shelf. You can then join local Facebook groups or online forums where hunger, poverty, and similar issues are discussed. Use the opportunity to spread the word about the food collection and how others can help. 

Doctors can partner with local organizations in exchange for visibility on their sites. This can be for specific events, presentations, or other community involvement. 

Of course, you will need to use official accounts connected to your healthcare business (with a link to your main site) when entering these chats. Be sure to keep all conversations positive and focus on the issue. 

Share Your Projects 

When you are proud of something you’ve done, share it. Whether it’s through a newsletter, email, or social media posts, share your excitement. 

In addition, you can create a designated page on your website to share your efforts. Whenever you share something new, use that web page’s link as the page to visit to learn more.   

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Final Thoughts 

Community involvement should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Increasing your web traffic is just one of the benefits of being involved.  

Sharing your efforts can help you connect with your patients and build a community-focused brand image.  

If you connect all media and online activity back to your main website, you can also increase web traffic. Some of these new visitors may become patients or clients in the future.  

As everything you do reflects on your business, it’s important to create a positive reflection in your local community.  

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