Knowing Your Place: How it Pays to Know Your Website’s Rank on Google

May 24, 2019

It’s easy for things to fall through the cracks when running your company and managing your employees are your main priorities. Day-to-day activities can easily sidetrack your goals of growing your business and owning your local market. It’s for these reasons that many small businesses don’t pay much attention to where they exist online. Your company’s Google ranking is not something that should fall off your radar.

When prospects in your area look for help, they’re not looking through the Yellow Pages anymore’ They’re going online to find nearby and reputable companies to fix their problem. To be more specific, potential customers are looking at the first page of Google. The Websites on Page One of Google account for about 91.5% of Google traffic, meaning all of the sites that didn’t make it onto Page One are likely to be ignored. So how does this affect small businesses?

To ensure sure your company is getting its fair share of the online market, you need to be aware of whether or not your Website is getting ‘picked up’ for relevant keywords. In other words, if someone types ‘garage doors’ and ‘your city,’ it’s important to see if your company shows up on, and where. The higher up you rank on Page One, the better. According to Amazee Metrics, the first 5 search results on Page One receive 70% of the clicks.

Whether you hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimization, the practice of getting your company Website noticed online) provider for help or opt to do it yourself, ranking high on Google and monitoring your performance online need to be a top priority for your company. Doing this will make you aware of your competition and provide you with more knowledge to make informed decisions for your company’s marketing.

For many companies, understanding their place in the search results is the last piece of the puzzle of growing their business. Doing great work, receiving great reviews and having a great Website also make up the greater picture of small business success in today’s day and age. All of these pieces have a way of interlocking and bringing you to the same goal. It all starts with getting to know how your company fits in the online market.

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