Link Maintenance – Spring Cleaning

February 21, 2018

Linking educational, informational content to your Website has been proven to help boost SEO results. But if you have fallen prey to bad SEO services that use bad links to promote your Website, getting rid of these links should be at the top of your priority list.

How can you determine what a bad link is? If you have a link pointing to your Website that has been artificially made, chances are Google will mark them as suspicious. This includes automated linking schemes, paid links and even links created by automated tools. Google will send you notifications if they think you need to clean up your backlinks.

Identifying low-quality backlinks can often be time consuming but very important nonetheless. Using Google’s Webmaster Tools, you can search the traffic to your Website and more specifically, identify all links pointing back to your Website. See what links come from suspicious Websites and weed them out.

In order to remove bad backlinks, you need to understand not all links can be removed. It is a challenging process but you can always disavow all backlinks that you can’t remove. When sending a request to have your link removed from someone’s site, be friendly and never pay to have it removed!

Reminder: Market Hardware’s team of experts can help provide guidance through this process. Call us at 888-381-6925 if you’d like help.

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