Measuring the Effectiveness of SEO Campaigns

December 21, 2018

The success of SEO efforts relies on the ability to pick and choose strategies that keep you above the competition in your area and industry. Knowing how to track and analyze the results of your campaigns is just the first step in improving your results. Here are just a few key metrics to pay attention to when looking at your SEO campaigns.

Organic Traffic

Overall organic traffic should be at the top of your tracking checklist. This is the traffic you receive from appearing on the search results pages without actually paying to be there. Ranking well for keywords specific to your company’s services and products is the main goal behind your SEO efforts. Tracking your organic traffic will help you gauge how many people are visiting your website.

Be sure to analyze your data based off specific landing pages. The organic traffic coming through these landing pages will tell you what strategies are working well and which ones need to be improved. It is also important to understand where your organic traffic is coming from. Part of your SEO strategy should include targeting specific locations. If you are getting increased traffic from a location you are targeting, you campaign is on the right track.

Keyword Rankings

Selecting industry specific keywords for your SEO strategy is an important step. After you do so, make sure to monitor how your keywords are ranking on Google. You might find popular searches for which your Website is nowhere to be found. Capitalize on keywords you rank well for and implement new terms to improve your SEO results.

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