Two SEO Maintenance Tasks to Help Maintain Top Rankings

September 21, 2018

One common mistake when building an SEO strategy is the ‘set it and forget it’ approach. Top businesses know the importance of constant updates based on trends and changes in rankings. That’s what helps those businesses maintain their top rankings online.

So to help you maintain your SEO strategy (or revisit it, if it’s been a little while since you’ve checked in), here are two quick tips that can make a difference in your rankings:

Create New Content

Google is constantly looking for fresh content. It’s important that this new content be relevant to the products and services you provide. The more you grow your content, the better results you will see in rankings.

Make it a point to create new content in many different forms. This can be updating page content, adding new links or adding new images to your Website.

Here’s another quick tip: Take a look at your services pages. Are there any services you provide (think seasonally) that you’d like to provide more jobs for? Consider adding a service page for that service, and watch as you get more new customers as a result this fall season.

Check Your Links

Links are – and will continue to be – an important part of any SEO strategy. But it can be a different story when those links turn into dead links.

Take the time to check your links periodically in order to stay ahead of any problems. Keep an eye out for broken internal/external links, poorly described links and incorrect links. Take a look at the links on your Website and make sure they’re all still working. And if you need a hand, just let us know, and we’ll take a look for you.

Have more questions about improving your SEO results? Feel free to contact us to make sure you’re staying up to date on these regular maintenance strategies.

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