Quick Tips to Improving Your Display Retargeting Campaign

August 21, 2018

More and more businesses are solving for the challenge of distracted Website visitors with Display Retargeting. It’s effective due to the amount of Website visitors that aren’t ready to become customers right away, and just need an extra reminder to contact your business. With the right practices and tips, you can boost your Display Retargeting campaign to new heights. Here are some tips for implementing this popular advertising strategy:

Perform Routine A/B Tests

Always make it a point to monitor how your ads are performing. Doing so will allow your campaign to avoid becoming static. There are a few key components to test when evaluating your campaign’s performance.

First, you should test the size of your ads. Certain resolutions might perform better than others depending on where you are advertising. A simple size change could lead to more opportunities to land a new customer. Also pay attention to the type of content you are advertising. Sometimes a different offer can result in more traffic. Last, be sure to test the value of what you are offering. You might be surprised what value propositions help to drive traffic to your Website.

Seasonal Updates

Seasonal updates are a major key to catching your target audience. Your ads should reflect seasonality, even getting specific and reflecting upcoming holidays or recent weather impacts. The more targeted your ad designs are, the likelier you are of having a potential customer decide to click through. Even if your business does not have seasonal shifts, you’ll of course want to make sure you’re updating your ads regularly. We recommend every 6-8 months.

Hint: With Labor Day around the corner, your business may want to update ad designs to reflect any fall specials or cold-weather services you’d like to promote in the coming months.

Knowing this information will help make your ad designs more engaging and personalized. In time, with an optimized Retargeting campaign, you will see your conversion rates increase.

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