Use These 2 Google Tools for More Powerful Web Marketing

October 4, 2018

Most contractors would agree: Working with ineffective tools puts you at a disadvantage, especially when compared to working with efficient, finely-tuned equipment.

So when it comes to fine-tuning your Website’s performance, how do you go about finding the best tools? We’re here to point you in the right direction.


The first tool we recommend is Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which reports on the real-world performance of a Website for mobile and desktop devices and provides suggestions on how that page may be improved. Given the increased urgency for your Website to load quickly in order to rank high on Google, this is a must-use tool. It will help identify the parts of your Website that are slowing down your load time, and ensure that you can provide visitors with an optimized user experience.



Next up, the Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is essential in today’s online market. With the Web being accessed more and more on mobile devices, designing your Website to be mobile-friendly ensures that your pages perform well on all devices.


The Mobile-Friendly Test tool is as simple as could be. It provides a yes/no answer as to whether your Website is mobile-friendly. Although it looks simple, it also provides a more detailed breakdown of technical information.

mobile friendly

Note that while most of Google’s earlier tools were aimed at developers, site designers and other more technical users, these new testing tools are designed for everyday business owners who may not have quite as much technical expertise.


These tools are especially valuable, as Google continues to transition to a mobile-first Web. Most of their recent algorithm updates have been focused on factors like these, so be sure to use these free to keep your Website ahead of the competition.

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