What Not To Do on Social Media

March 6, 2018

We place a lot of emphasis on the type of content that you should be posting to your Social Media pages, but that is only one component of a successful Social Media strategy. Understanding the things that you shouldn’t post is just as important as knowing what to post; in particular, the type of content and language that your clients do or do not want to see.

Here’s a list of the most common mistakes we see on Facebook and beyond – make sure that you’re not guilty of any of the following!

  1. Getting Too Personal

       People are interested in getting to know you and your staff, especially if you run a small local             business, but be careful not to get too personal on your Facebook Business Page. Your                     Business Page should be treated differently from your personal Social Media pages; it’s                     advised  to avoid all sensitive topics such as politics or religion. It may all be well-intentioned,             but it can easily make your customers feel uncomfortable, or worse, offended.

  1. Posting Other People’s Content

       Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms are a great place to share or retweet images and         content that you enjoy. We encourage you to share these things on your Page, but you                       shouldn’t try to pass off this content as your own. Make sure that you’re not pulling pictures off           other pages, saving them to your computer and uploading them directly onto your Page. You             want to give credit to the original poster, and create a link back to their social site in case                   anyone wants to see other content they’ve posted in the past.

  1. Being Nonresponsive

      Be mindful of the notifications you receive and make sure you are interacting with your                      customers when they post something to any of your social pages. Whether it’s a simple “like” or        a quick reply back, it’s important to show your customers that you’re seeing their comments and        are interested in what they have to say.

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