Why Use Twitter for your Business?

November 15, 2018

Different Social Media platforms can be used in a variety of ways to increase and enhance your business’ online presence. One platform that people often shy away from is Twitter. Twitter can be intimidating to some because of its limited character use, as it can be tough to determine what to post and the best way to use it to promote your business online. So, why use Twitter?

Twitter is a great marketing tool for your business because it’s quick and simple to use. By creating a Twitter account, you’re able to follow similar accounts, post on your company’s behalf, and even favorite or retweet messages that are aligned with your business’ services, beliefs and standards.

While working with 280 characters might seem daunting, having this set character limit for each Tweet helps you keep your message focused. Where many other Social Media platforms require a great amount of creativity, writing and editing in order to create valuable posts, Twitter allows you to communicate with your audience easily and instantaneously.

Posting Tips & Tricks

  1. Retweeting & Favoriting: If you need to create a post but aren’t sure where to start, retweeting or favoriting some tweets from accounts that you follow is a great way to spread a message while giving credit to the original poster.
  2. Create a posting schedule and stick to it: Either schedule posts in advance or create a posting schedule that you’ll be able to stick to. It’s suggested to keep posts to a few times a week ‘ more than once a day can feel overwhelming to your followers, and less than once a week makes your posts more likely to go unnoticed.
  3. Link your Facebook & Twitter: By linking these two platforms together, you only need to worry about posting to one account and your posts will automatically appear on your adjoining account. It will not only save you time, but ensure that you reach as many customers and prospects as possible.

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