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Market Hardware Announces Beta Release of Innovative Logo Customizer

Bethesda, MD, November 1, 2003 -- Market Hardware, Inc. today announced the beta release of its Logo Customizer(tm) which provides a new option for 'self-service' design creation. The Logo Customizer(tm) represents a significant improvement over how a branded logo is usually delivered. The Customizer(tm) allows small business owners to search through a relevant inventory of logo designs, select an appropriate one and then easily customize it for their company.

Before today, small business owners had to choose between two extremes when they create marketing materials: either hiring a fee-for-service designer to create a unique design or finding and using generic templates and clip art," said Market Hardware's CEO, Brian Kraff.

Market Hardware will focus on providing logos and other marketing needs like web sites to specific verticals in the small business market. By concentrating on specific niches such as real estate professions - including agents, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and contractors - the company will be able to supply targeted and compelling designs and content.

Market Hardware will begin to retail its inexpensive yet high quality websites and logos while gradually expanding its product launch inventory levels. Market Hardware sources designs using a closely guarded formula for designs and a stable of designers culled from the international web and logo design community.

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About Market Hardware, Inc. 

Market Hardware is a single source for your company's most important marketing assets: Websites, Logos, Branded Email and Business Cards. Using an inventory of pre-built designs that can be easily and substantially customized, Market Hardware's See it First(tm) technology enables customers to see what they are getting before they buy. 

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