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Market Hardware Announces New, Proprietary Website Development Platform

'Mariposa' software gives Website clients more design and feature options

BETHESDA, Md. - October, 2008 - Market Hardware announced today that it has launched a new Website development platform entitled 'Mariposa', which should help clients become more involved than ever before when designing a Website.

"We are extremely proud about the release of this software," said James Short, Senior Vice President of Market Hardware. "'Mariposa' should make it easier than ever for clients to work with our team of experts throughout the various stages of Website development."

The software was primarily designed by Patrick Smith, co-founder of Market Hardware. As Chief of Product Development and Operations, Smith oversees the 'factory floor' - project managers, designers, developers, writers, planning, and client service.

Market Hardware set out to accomplish two divergent goals when creating this software: total design and development flexibility, while making it extraordinarily easy to edit a site and manage it (view stats, manage email addresses, etc.)

The 'Mariposa' software will benefit clients thanks to its simplicity and site design flexibility. Additionally, the software fully incorporates most programming technologies, including various JavaScript libraries, and will enable sites to be compatible with mobile phones. The 'Mariposa' platform will be available immediately.

Finally, the new development platform will allow for several alterations throughout development that should greatly simplify search engine optimization. Several changes in code and URL will it make it easier for design experts to ensure that the site comes up quicker in search engine returns.

Prior to cofounding Market Hardware in 2003, Smith was the Software Development Practice Lead at The Adrenaline Group, where he led new product development for high-profile nationally recognized companies such as PetSmart, LinuxCare, and The Motley Fool.

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Market Hardware is a leading provider of small business web marketing products and services. The company offers each of its 40+ business associations and industry partners "best-in-class" Internet marketing services targeted for their members' unique needs. Market Hardware provides its clients with web design, web content, and web marketing campaigns optimized for their specific industry. Market Hardware's services include complete Website development, Paid Search Engine Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps Optimization and Online Reputation Management. Founded in 2003, Market Hardware currently serves over 75 industries and has clients in all 50 states and Canada.

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