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Market Hardware Reveals Newest Web Marketing Service

Web Video expected to help clients become more dynamic, credible to viewers

BETHESDA, Md. - November, 2009 - Market Hardware has announced that it will be supplying a Web Video service to clients, which should help improve search results and give websites a more modern appearance. 

"18 months ago, Web Video was an expensive and complicated add-on," said Jimmy Short, Team Leader, Market Hardware. "It's now affordable. Web Video gives your website a fresh makeover, premium appeal, and better engages your visitors."

A video spokesperson is an easy way to add impressive video to any website. Using a superimposed spokesperson, a web video can introduce a home page, spice up a FAQ section, or drive call to action on lead forms.

Early this year, Google tweaked their site ranking formulas to recognize and reward sites that have relevant videos about their business or their specific industry. Google considers rich media - such as a "do it yourself" tutorial video for homeowners - to be just as relevant as a web page on the same topic.

Sites that include video components will rank higher on search returns. Then, the dynamic nature of video gives a great opportunity to engage potential customers and to convince them of a company's credibility. To get more information about Web Video, call 888-381-6925.

About Market Hardware 

Market Hardware is a leading provider of small business web marketing products and services. The company offers each of its 40+ business associations and industry partners "best-in-class" Internet marketing services targeted for their members' unique needs. Market Hardware provides its clients with web design, web content, and web marketing campaigns optimized for their specific industry. Market Hardware's services include complete Website development, Paid Search Engine Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps Optimization and Online Reputation Management. Founded in 2003, Market Hardware currently serves over 75 industries and has clients in all 50 states and Canada.

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