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Market Hardware Realigns its Advanced Website Packages

Collaboration Websites include Premium, Executive and Presidential Websites

BETHESDA, Md. - September, 2009 - Market Hardware announced today that it has realigned its Website packages to categorize its Advanced-level of Website options as "Collaboration Package Websites".

"Our Collaboration Websites are meant for clients who rely on the web as a major marketing tool," said James Short, Senior Vice President of Market Hardware. "The high quality of these Websites is perfect for clients that need their Website to reflect the quality of their business.

Collaboration Website Packages include include Premium, Executive and Presidential Websites, the three top options that Market Hardware offers. Each package includes expert project management guidance, multiple rounds of collaborative revisions, and several additional options for user customization.

Market Hardware brings several years of experience in web design as well as a team of experts well adept at designing Websites for specific industries. The Collaboration Websites are ideal for clients who desire a best-in-class representation of their business and want expert advice from a skilled project manager.

Premium, Executive and Presidential Websites vary based on the amount of hours dedicated to the design/build and consultation process. Project hours are 30, 50, and 85 depending on the package and prices range accordingly. There are members-only discounts for certain trade industry associations.

Collaboration Websites are designed for clients that need significant time to determine the scope of their project (what pages they'll want on the site, photos, etc.), require an "I know what I like when I see it" process and prefer extensive content guidance.

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Market Hardware is a leading provider of small business web marketing products and services. The company offers each of its 40+ business associations and industry partners "best-in-class" Internet marketing services targeted for their members' unique needs. Market Hardware provides its clients with web design, web content, and web marketing campaigns optimized for their specific industry. Market Hardware's services include complete Website development, Paid Search Engine Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps Optimization and Online Reputation Management. Founded in 2003, Market Hardware currently serves over 75 industries and has clients in all 50 states and Canada.

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