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Market Hardware Launches Smartphone-Friendly Websites

Mobile Websites compatible with current smartphone technology

BETHESDA, Md. –August 15, 2010 – Market Hardware has released a new Website product, explicitly designed to be “smartphone-friendly”, which will make Websites load quicker on smartphones, as well as improve navigation and response rates.

“Smartphone sales are shooting through the roof,” said James Short, Senior Vice President of Market Hardware. “More and more people are searching for service professionals from their smartphones, so today, it is more important than ever before to have a business Website that displays properly on smaller screens.”

Standard websites are typically not user-friendly when viewed on smartphones, which has caused an increase in the amount of companies investing in mobile-friendly Websites. Market Hardware’s mobile Websites contain fewer images in order to shorten load times and “click-to-call” functionality so users can call a company by clicking a link on the Website.

The product is available at a discount to current Market Hardware Website clients but is available to consumers who have Websites designed by other companies. Mobile Websites are available immediately.

“These days, smartphone users do not want to wait a long time for a Website to load,” said Short. “If a business’ Website takes too long to open or is full of text and difficult to navigate, users will move on to a new site until they find one that is easy to view on their phones.”

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