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Market Hardware Launches New Optimization Service

Product will target local customers on Google and other major search engines

BETHESDA, Md. – August 2012 – Market Hardware released a new search optimization service today known as SEO Local, which will help clients improve their Web presence within local target areas and across multiple keywords.

“It’s definitely the right time to release SEO Local,” said Brian Kraff, Founder and CEO of Market Hardware. “Local search is becoming more important every day and we developed a service that capitalizes on that and will really benefit the businesses that take advantage of it.”

SEO Local primarily focuses on Page One-visibility in organic search results, and will help increase long-term, measurable search results. As local search traffic continues to increase, it has become increasingly important for businesses to ensure an online presence in organic listings, widely considered the highest-traffic area among Google’s various search results.

SEO Local is available immediately. Interested parties should contact Market Hardware at 888-381-6925.

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Market Hardware is a leading provider of small business Web marketing products and services. The company offers each of its 40+ business associations and industry partners "best-in-class" Internet marketing services targeted for their members' unique needs. Market Hardware provides its clients with Web design, Web content and Web marketing campaigns optimized for their specific industry. Market Hardware's services include complete Website development, Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps Optimization and Social Media Management. Founded in 2003, Market Hardware currently serves over 75 industries and has clients in all 50 states and Canada.

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