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Pet Care Association Invites Market Hardware to Host Webinar

Members will receive education and advice on Social Media, SEO

BETHESDA, Md. – September 2014 – Market Hardware announced today they will be hosting an online Webinar on September 17th, 2014 for members of the International Boarding and Pet Services.

The session, “SEO ALERT: Two new changes Google wants you to make before they put you on Page One!,” will be presented by Brian Kraff, founder and CEO, Matt Horn, SEO Team Lead, and Rebecca Hussey, Chief Social Officer. Kraff, Horn and Hussey are all veteran Internet marketers who bring extensive Search Engine Optimization to IBPSA’s Webinar series.

The Webinar is designed to educate IBPSA members on the important relationship between their Web presence and their rank on Search Engines, and to ultimately increase lead volume. Participants will learn proven techniques, using the following learning objectives:

  • The best practices to online marketing
  • SEO “Do’s” and “Do not’s”
  • How to communicate correctly and effectively with Search Engines

“We are excited to share our proven SEO methods with members of IBPSA, our newest Web partner,” says Kraff. “We can teach you how to effectively drive traffic to your Website that will affect your bottom line.”

Kraff regularly speaks at tradeshow conferences throughout the country. His energetic delivery and deep industry experience make him a popular speaker and have earned Kraff a reputation as a nationally-known web marketing expert.

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