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What Our Clients Say About Our Website Services

What our clients are saying.

When we looked for a Website designer, we had plenty to choose from but none that had demonstrated expertise in our industry - until we found Market Hardware. After they showed us 4 or 5 designs from companies that do work like ours, we were sold.

Pat Burns | Color Burst Professional | Lawrenceville, GA

Advanced Website Packages

Advanced Website clients rely on the Web as a major marketing tool. You expect lots of back-and-forth guidance, so you get assigned a project manager. You also want a Website with more pages, photos, and specialty features. The process takes longer, but the result is a high-end Website! We offer three Advanced Website options - Premium, Executive, and Presidential.

Best Business Website Designs

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The Premium is best if you have a clear idea of the content, photos and “look” for your website. Premium customers also have a clear idea of the pages they want on their website, and therefore do not need time with their Project Manager to determine the scope of their project.

The Premium Package is wrong for your business if you have special content needs and want to be heavily involved in the design of your website.

The Executive Package is best if you value having us integrate content from an existing website or other marketing collateral, as well as expect to be particular about the design of your website.

The Executive Package is wrong for your business if you have several custom design requests, such as custom graphics, need more than three photo galleries, or need more than 20 pages of content.

The Presidential Package is best if you need significant time to determine the scope of your project (what pages you’ll want on the site, photos, etc.), require an ”I know what I like when I see it“ process and need extensive content guidance.

The Presidential Package is wrong for you if you want unlimited design and marketing consultation to create a ”best of class“ website for your industry and service area. If this applies to you, ask your Website Marketing Consultant about Market Hardware’s Leadership Circle. Read more about Leadership Circle.

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