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What Our Clients Say About Our Website Services

What our clients are saying.

We needed an affordable website built quickly. Market Hardware delivered. Our website gets lots of compliments from new and current clients alike. They made it so easy!

Kathy Power | Power Decorating Co., Inc | Monrovia, MD

Basic Website Packages

Basic Website clients want an easy path to a great professional Website. They are ideal for businesses that are getting their first Website or upgrading on a budget. In a simple process, the first step we take is to ask important questions about your business and learn your design preferences. Then, you hand us the keys to drive the project home. We offer two Basic Website options - Standard Plus, and Foundation.

Websites Specifically for Small Businesses

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The Standard Site Package is reserved for existing clients who need a low-cost landing page that can be launched in a matter of days. This package is meant as a quick-fix to start Web Marketing without investing significant time or money.

The Standard Site Package is wrong for you if you have more than one page of content or need to showcase photos.

The Standard Plus Package is best for those who only require a limited choice on their Website design, need a small set of Website pages, and up to 5 photos to showcase their work.

The Standard Plus Package is wrong for you if you need more than 5 photos, prefer to look over your Website before it goes live, or want to contribute content pages for us to add to your site.

The Foundation Website Package is the perfect mix of inexpensive cost and high-end design. It's best if you want more design choice, content pages, and a photo gallery, but do not have the time to collaborate with a Project Manager on your Website.

The Foundation Website Package is wrong for you if you want to be engaged with your design development, want to contribute lots of content, need advice from a Project Manager, or require customized features.

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