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Even your best clients want to be reminded that you care about them.
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Why our Email Newsletter Marketing is right for you:
  • We write custom content - No templates!
  • Dedicated account manager who knows your business.
  • Monthly and quarterly options available.
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What our clients say about our Email Newsletter Marketing services:"Simply put, without the Market Hardware team I wouldn't have an email newsletter. Thank goodness I do because it generates new business every time we send one out."Michael Ferro | Michael Ferro Incorporated

What is Email Newsletter Marketing?

An Email Newsletter contains educational content meant to be distributed to your existing client base and known prospects. Effective Email Newsletters typically contain a small amount of promotional content, but at Market Hardware, we always recommend that businesses follow the 90/10 rule: Your newsletter should always be at least 90% educational, and no more than 10% promotional.

We create custom content on a monthly or quarterly basis, in order to make sure you are reaching your clients throughout the year. The goal is to stay connected with your clients by providing value even when they are not purchasing from you. If you do not have the time or resources to put content together and send out a message yourself, we have a team of specialists to help support you with content and email distribution.

Email Newsletter Marketing keeps you top-of-mind!

Get started with Email Newsletter Marketing! The first step is a no-hassle consultation with our experts.

Remain relevant and connected with your clients even when they aren't using your services.

Email Newsletter Marketing presents a great opportunity to generate referrals and upsells because your emails may be passed along from your clients to friends or family members. In doing so, you will generate credibility with those potential clients and let your existing client base know you care about their business.

At Market Hardware, we know your industry and can provide content that reflects common "industry speak" and lingo. We stay current on news and happenings so we can proactively communicate Email Newsletter content ideas and recommendations on a regular basis.

It's all about time - Can you do this yourself or are you better off with a professional?

If you've ever tried to write an Email Newsletter, there's no doubt you've experienced the challenge of creating custom content from scratch, and perhaps forced yourself to send something you weren't entirely proud of. It's hard enough running your day-to-day, much less finding 5-10 hours per month to write, edit, and review your copy. If you have the time, keep your newsletter in-house and continue to produce content that's valuable to your customers. If you're struggling to find time, create content, or consistently deliver your message (much less on schedule), it's time you find a professional to guide you.

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