Paid Search Ads

Traditional Paid Search Ads are still the fastest way to Page One.
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Why our Paid Search Ads are right for you:
  • Transparent call tracking and recording.
  • Industry-specific expertise.
  • Proactive account management and actual communication!
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What our clients say about our Paid Search Ads:"Having visibility into the calls we are getting for the dollars we are investing has given us the insight we need to make smart decisions as business owners."Trumbull Barrett | Barrett Tree Service East, Inc.

Paid Search Success = Lead Generation

When it comes to success in Paid Search, there are plenty of different metrics available, many of which you can see in AdWords yourself - but Paid Search is about leads, above anything else. How many phone calls and how many emails are directly being attributed to your Paid Search campaign? That's how you determine your cost-per-acquisition, which determines whether your campaign is working or not. Market Hardware is ready to help!

Paid Search is the right strategy for businesses with a defined budget who want highly measurable leads so they can determine exact cost-per-acquisition.

Find out how much you should actually be spending to be competitive. Ask us today!

Does Your Budget Fit Your Market?

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We talk to a lot of business owners who have tried Paid Search before only to find that they were either spending too much or spending too little. More than anything, you have to make sure that your budget fits the population of the area you are targeting. When you know how many people live in a target market, you can estimate the number of searches that occur for your services, and that's how you arrive at competitive budget!

Paid Search Has Changed Over The Last 15+ Years and Isn't For Everyone

While still the fastest way to get guaranteed Page One placement on Google, paid search isn't for every business. Different industries perform better than others. Google is more competitive than ever and has less "real estate" for ads than ever before. That's not to say paid ads don't work. They are still highly effective when you have the right budget, the right expectations, and most importantly, the right partner. Market Hardware can help.

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Our people are plugged into the top levels at Google, Facebook and more. So our staff gets to preview what's next. We also get invited to "By Invitation Only" events hosted by the major players. Game-changing scoops and endorsements that enable us to give our clients a genuine, competitive edge. Advantages you won't get from independent tech-geeks or big corporations who don't enjoy the person-to-person access we do. The Web, Google and Facebook are constantly evolving, and we evolve with them. It's the cutting edge, freshly sharpened just for you.