Social Media Management

Your dedicated campaign manager will help you make an impact on the right social platforms!
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Why our Social Media services are right for you:
  • Social Media Managers who custom tailor your posts.
  • Seasonally fresh content to fit your audience.
  • We make sure your Social Media enhances your image.
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What our clients say about our Social Media services:"I love the advice I get on what to post! It helps make Social Media a much more effective marketing tool for us!"Gretchen Meienburg | Pampered Pets Bed & Biscuit

The Right Social Media Partner

You need to find a partner you can trust – a group of real people who can show you impressive samples and share success stories from your industry. Your Social Media partner must take the time to learn your needs and goals. If they do, you’ll get the results you expect.

At Market Hardware, our team of industry experts are fluent in common "industry speak" and lingo. We stay current on industry news and proactively communicate ideas and recommendations for your content on a regular basis. We want to help you provide more value to your customers and grow your Social Media 'fans' and 'followers' over time.

A strong Social Media presence shows off your expertise to clients and prospects.

Get started with Social Media Management! The first step is a no-hassle consultation with our experts.

Consistency = Credibility

Social Media Management needs are different across our clients. For some, it may mean having as much content across as many social platforms as possible in order to fully engage with customers. For others, it's more targeted. No matter which category you fit into, Market Hardware has a solution. Our goal is to maximize the content that is put out there so you are getting as much credibility with your customers as possible.

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Our people are plugged into the top levels at Google, Facebook and more. So our staff gets to preview what's next. We also get invited to "By Invitation Only" events hosted by the major players. Game-changing scoops and endorsements that enable us to give our clients a genuine, competitive edge. Advantages you won't get from independent tech-geeks or big corporations who don't enjoy the person-to-person access we do. The Web, Google and Facebook are constantly evolving, and we evolve with them. It's the cutting edge, freshly sharpened just for you.